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Blood of Zeus: Season 1

The eight episodes are fantastically engrossing, and the imagery is gorgeous, adding layers of beauty to righteous rage.

Margaret Lyons

NY Times

"Game of Thrones, but for Greek Mythology fans! Everything here is top notch, from the writing to the voice cast to the animation. Tons of action & world-building too."

Grace Randolph

Beyond the Trailer

"Netflix has cultivated a strong line-up of adult animation and Blood of Zeus may be the best yet. It tells an addicting story that brings together action, fantasy, and horror to create something that feels original and represents the direction that animated series should be heading."

Daniel Kurland

Den of Geek

"The animation style is vivid, dynamic… If their art department was an NBA bench, it’d be the Team USA roster."

Frantz Jerome

Black Nerd Problems

"Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind other Netflix anime series Castlevania and Seis Manos, delivers their best work in Blood of Zeus, with action scenes worthy of the epic poems about heroes and gods."

Rafael Matamayor

Thrill List

"Blood of Zeus is fun, intense, and a binge-worthy series for viewers old enough to handle it."

Melissa Camacho

Common Sense Media

One of the most original modern shows based on Greek Myths.

Devon James


With massive set pieces, great characters, and powerful animation to keep audiences glued to their screens, this show may just be the best anime Netflix has ever released.


Blood of Zeus is a monumental exploration into Greek Mythology that effectively combines riveting storytelling with stunning animation.


The age of gods and heroes returns with a thunderclap.

Motzie Dapul

What Culture

An entertaining uberdrama… spiked with vigorous, skillfully executed action sequences.

John Serba


Netflix’s Blood of Zeus is a gloriously visceral spin on Greek Mythology.

Jim Vorel

Paste Magazine

Blood of Zeus is Netflix's best (American) anime ever.

Eric Francisco


"Animated by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind both Castlevania and Seis Manos, Blood of Zeus is a work of art. With their signature style of hyper-violence and pure beauty, Powerhouse Animation has delivered a series with some amazing monsters, magic, action sequences, and above all – as usual – gorgeous characters."

Kate Sanchez

But Why Tho?

"Zeus in Blood of Zeus is entertaining from the inside out."

Nick Valdez

"Blood of Zeus is easily one of the best series of the year — it entwines Greek Mythology with anime while enjoying that alternative feel."

Daniel Hart

Ready Steady Cut

"Netflix’s ‘Blood of Zeus’ Is ‘Star Wars’ for the Greek Gods."

Christopher L. Inoa


"Blood of Zeus delivers an incredibly entertaining action-adventure, filled with your favorite Greek Gods."

Andres Cabrera

Geeks of Color


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